The mission of AFACS is to encourage and foster successful exposure and community awareness of African arts and culture in Nova Scotia. AFACS is a cultural society that strives to provide enabling environment that will encourage the promotion of African arts and culture for all people of African descent residing in Nova Scotia.


AFACS envisions a society in which all individuals, including those of African descent, have equitable opportunities to realize their full potentials and to participate meaningfully in the building and developing of a sustainable multicultural society.


AFACS’s purpose is to encourage and expose young and talented African descent artists and performers, network with all levels of government and with other public and private organizations for the benefit of promoting African arts and culture.


To partner with government departments, public and private organizations and agencies in organizing annual Africa Festival of Arts and Culture in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

To support the provision of services that encourages advancing and developing Africa arts and culture and the participation of artists and performers of African descent.

To collaborate with government departments and agencies, public and private organizations and agencies to reduce barriers that hinder the full participation of artists and performers of African descent in the artistic and cultural activities of Nova Scotia.

To encourage and to promote the participation of people of African descent in the building of Nova Scotia through artistic, cultural, educational, social networking and other related activities.

To sustain a collaborative and cooperative relationship with public and private agencies.

Our Sponsors and Partners

Board Members

Current Board Members

George Mbamalu  (Chair)
Robert Edokpayi (Treasurer)
Christie Duru (Elected member)
Naz Yemane   (Elected member)
Sunday Edokpayi (Elected member)
A Sizwe Adekayode (Elected member)
ADAM (Elected member)

Organizing Committee 2015

George Mbamalu (Chair)
Robert Edokpayi (Treasurer)
Naz Yemane (member)
Sunday Edokpayi (member)
Christie Duru (member)
A. Sizwe Adekayode (member)
Jonathan Roberts (member)
ADAM (member)
Event Coordinator